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About Litpoetry:

Litpoetry is an educational and artistic project designed for lovers of poetry (both old & new).

Litpoetry aims to rekindle the fires of poetry in a world that has forgotten its magic.

The experience of reading poetry can be a frustrating one, with many often coming away from the experience lost, bewildered and confused.

Litpoetry aims to create a foundation of knowledge and understanding that can build up an abiding appreciation for this magnificent art.

Poetry is worth it because the reading and writing of poetry is a revolutionary act that has the potential to transform both the reader and our world.

© James Laidler (Litpoetry): Scriptwriter, Web designer, Video editor, Sound engineer & Educational Host and Presenter.

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Litpoetry is a small enterprise that would really benefit from your financial support. Aside from a small Australian Arts Council Grant we received for the purchase of equipment in November 2020, the production costs of our work is paid for by us, the Litpoetry team.

Our costs include the hiring of voice artists, the writing of video scripts, as well as the costs of filming and editing content.

While we are slowly growing our audience with the aim of creating a sustainable future, any donations would be much appreciated.

Your support is very encouraging and will help us to produce content that we hope you love as much as we do.

Thank you!