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fusing literature to life

About Litpoetry:

Poetry analysis, teacher resources & study guides focusing on world-famous poems and poets.


Litpoetry is an educational and artistic project designed to promote the reading and study of poetry in a world that has forgotten its magic.

The experience of learning how to read poetry can leave people feeling lost, bewildered and confused.

Litpoetry aims to help people better understand and appreciate this magnificent art by creating resources modern readers can relate to, such as dynamic music videos and podcasts.

For teachers and students of poetry, Litpoetry provides analysis videos and educational resources.

Poetry is worth it because the reading and writing of poetry is a revolutionary act that has the potential to transform both the reader and our world.

© James Laidler (Litpoetry): scriptwriter, web designer, video editor, sound engineer, educational host and presenter.

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