The Litpoetry Team

James Laidler

(Director, Writer, Poet, Presenter, Teacher, Video Editor & Designer)

James Laidler is a writer, poet, novelist, spoken word performer and teacher from country Victoria, Australia. James’ work has been featured throughout Australia on Writer’s Radio, ABC Radio National and Melbourne’s RRR.

James lived and worked in East Timor writing his second novel, 'Pulling Down the Stars', published by Hybrid Press.

While in East Timor he worked as 2nd Assistant Director on East Timor’s first-ever international feature film, ‘A Guerra Da Beatriz.’ This is where he developed his love of mixed media and film making which he now pursues in addition to his writing.

James’ first novel, The Taste of Apple (written in verse), was published by Interactive Press. The Taste of Apple won the 2010 IP Picks Award for Best First Book.

In 2009, James won The Australian Poetry Centre's ‘Poetic Monologue Competition’ and his short one-person monologue, ‘Before the Fall’ was funded by The Australian Poetry Centre and performed on stage at the 2010 Melbourne Writer's Festival.

James has worked predominantly as the head of a high school English faculty, teaching English and Literature. He is also actively working as a writer, poet and filmmaker, currently dividing his time between writing poetry, working on his third novel and creating the digital platform, 'Litpoetry'.

James has worked in an editorial capacity on several small Australian publications. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts from La Trobe University, a Diploma of Education from Monash University and is currently completing his Master's Degree at The University of South Australia.

Simon Jackson

(Voice Artist)

Simon Jackson has done a lot of the heavy lifting here at Litpoetry as we try to build a following. He has worked within Litpoetry's very limited budget by offering his beautiful voice at a very reasonable price. With Litpoetry being a non-profit enterprise for now and the foreseeable future, Simon's generosity is much appreciated.

Simon is a British Voice Actor based in London.

When you need articulate narration for your audiobook, an imaginative character for your animation or video game, an authentic sound for your corporate project, or a bold commercial delivery; you can trust Simon to be professional, creative and sincerely focused on your project.

Simon provides high-quality audio from his custom-built studio to clients around the world.

As a voice artist she can be commissioned for work at or my contacting him through his website.

Simon a British Voice Actor based in London. He is extremely skilled and brings a great sense of theatre and gravitas to his readings.

Lucy Freeman

(Voice Artist and Musician)

Lucy has contributed to the production of many of the poems here at Litpoetry. Her voice is gorgeous and her ability to 'get inside the mind and heart' of the poems she reads is an astounding skill to have. Lucy is a star!

Lucy began her musical journey as a singer/songwriter and ukulele player in the Spring of 2017. Since then, she has quickly garnered an expansive fan base on social media for her daily song covers, as well as a dedicated following in and around her hometown of Harrisburg, PA.

This songstress is known for her wide range of song choices and her uniquely charismatic approach to them, but is also lauded for the brevity and poise of her original work featured on her debut EP "Carousel".

She frequently collaborates with several area musicians, most notably Phillip Nathaniel Freeman of The Lone Wolf Project and Small Town Titans.

As a voice artist she can be commissioned for work at

Don Stewart

(Consultant, Musician & Composer)

Don's 'Unmuzzled Music Productions' Studio believes that music is a powerful way to communicate and often artists and musicians with something to say through their music are not encouraged or helped to do that. 'Unmuzzled Music' is happy to talk to anyone about developing their music but we are particularly interested in working with people who want their music to communicate something positive or reflect something important about the world. If you think you might be in that category of artist, even if you have no budget, we'd love to discuss ways we might help you with your project.

Phil Freeman

(Voice Artist and Musician)

Phillip Nathaniel Freeman's 30,000+ hours of experience in the fields of music and art have led to a wide variety of rich experiences and exciting accomplishments including Billboard charting singles, top 10 spots on several charts and playlists including iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play, and several viral music video hits with tens of millions of views and counting. His dedication and intense schedule with his bands Small Town Titans and Lucille & The Wolf have resulted in regular work with multi-platinum Grammy nominated producers, sound engineers, and artists, as well as co-writing credits with the likes of Howard Benson and John Moyer. His dedication to singing has contributed greatly to his status as an internationally recognized voice instructor, studio session singer, and sound engineer. Freeman continues to pursue his passion and strives to provide the best quality and authenticity possible in any and all aspects of his work.